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Privacy Policy

Segment Information Technologies (Israel) Ltd. Date of last revision: April 13, 2022

1. General

Segment Information Technologies (Israel) Ltd., Co. No. 512946146 is the owner and operator of an internet websites which is at the following Web addresses and (hereinafter: “Segment” and/or “the Company”, and “the Website”, respectively).

Segment honors and respects the privacy of its customers, including users who enter the Website as well as users of the range of technological –Business solutions which offered by Segment on the Website (hereinafter: “the User”).

This Privacy Policy described the practices of collecting and using information and the manner in which the User makes use of the Website and/or the systems to be found on the Website and/or of content to which the User is exposed via the Website.

The matters contained in this Privacy Policy relate to both genders, and use of the masculine gender is solely for the sake of convenience.

2. The Company’s products offered for purchase on the Website

The Company offers a wide range of technological-business solutions on the Website which can be personally tailored to suit to each customer, and which are developed exclusively by the company. The solutions offered include a wide range of innovative software products that are personally adapted, and successful business solutions for companies and businesses the world over.

3. Registration and transfer of information

As part of the use of the Company’s products and of the Website, there is a need for furnishing personal information (for example: name of network/portal, supplier’s name, Co. No. / A.R. No., supplier number in the network, the accounting system that is used, number of employees, name of field – industry, agriculture etc., address (town/city, street, street No. and postal code), full details of User (first name and surname, position, mobile phone and email), etc.).

In addition, all business information that you transfer when using the systems offered on the Website (for example: delivery note/invoice etc.) is collected and stored. Likewise, you undertake to furnish the Information in your own name and on your own behalf and not in the name of and/or for any third party (unless you have been explicitly permitted to do so).

4. Furnishing Information to a third party

Segment will take reasonable and customary measures in order to guard against and prevent the transfer of personal details that identify you by your name and/or by particulars of your identity, except in the cases mentioned below:

4.1 In every case in which you made a request to do so and/or express consent thereto was given by you;

4.2 The transfer of personal details that were sent by you on the Website to the clearing company for purposes of completing a purchase transaction you made on the Website;

4.3 In every instance in which you committed a breach of the terms of use and/or the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and/or you attempted, yourself and/or through someone on your behalf, through and/or in connection with the Website, to perform operations which are contrary to the provisions of the terms of use and/or the Privacy Policy and/or the provisions of any law;

4.4 In every case in which the Company has transferred and/or assigned its activities and/or its rights and obligations as against you to a third party, provided that third parties assume and undertake the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy;

5. Information security

The Company devotes time and resources to protecting and securing your personal information against loss or unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure, and does so by taking accepted precautionary measures and the use of advanced security technologies;

– Segment’s Websites connection is based on https technology.

– Segment’s system does not require direct connection between the User’s information systems and Segment’s system. The transfer of Information between the systems will be made in an encoded synchronized way by means of safes or an SFTP/SSH protocol or any other secured solution according to the choice of the client.

– Sensitive fields and objects are safeguarded in an encoded manner on Segment’s systems. Private keys are saved in a protected and secured manner, and in addition every deciphering operation is documented.

– Segment performs and documents a full audit trail for each of the operations and will immediately give notice to Users in the case of a cyber event. The documentation is performed on all the application layers (OSI).

Segment’s ISO standard authorizations:

Segment holds authorization for:

  • The standard ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Information security standard: ISO 27001.
  • Information security standard: ISO 27799.

Segment makes sure to be updated regularly with the technological developments in the fields of software and hardware in order to provide Users of the Website and its customers with the best protection against penetration or break-in, including unauthorized entry into Segment’s databases.

6. Making contact

On any question and/or clarification and/or response regarding this Privacy Policy and/or on any other subject, you are invited to contact the Company via the email address – [email protected].

In every reference you make to the Company, make sure to mention full details, including address and email for making contact, and precise details of your request.

The Company will endeavor to respond to every reasonable request within a reasonable time.

** Paragraphs 6 and 9 of this Privacy Policy will also apply to the company S.B.I. Information Technologies Ltd., Co. No. 513386870 and to the company R.T.M.I. Information Technologies Ltd., Co. No. 515385185, which are part of the Segment group.


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