What is Cyber security?

Cyber security is the science, art and technology of protecting digital data and information systems from cyber attacks and other online threats. It encompasses a variety of disciplines and requires a different set of expertise than traditional security.

Cyber security is a multidisciplinary field that covers many aspects of computer science, engineering, law, psychology, sociology and other related fields. The ultimate goal of cyber security is to protect information from getting into the wrong hands and being exploited by unwanted parties, malware, or hackers.


Why Should You Protect Your Supply Chain Information?

Business partners, vendors, and sellers often communicate via computer networks. The communication may include sensitive data of your business or may leave an open gateway to your systems. Data leakage may cause severe damage to your organization and your partners.

Sometimes, instead of attacking the target directly, a cybercriminal may attack a weaker organization in the target’s supply chain (like one of your vendors) and use that access to meet their goals. It is important to secure the data while sending it to others and receiving it from others.

Supply chain security should be a high priority for organizations, as a breach within the system could create severe damage or disruption to your business operations. Delivering products that have been tampered with or are unauthorized could be harmful to customers and lead to unwanted lawsuits.  Additionally, vulnerabilities within a supply chain could lead to unnecessary costs, inefficient delivery schedules and a loss of intellectual property.


How Can We Help?

As experts in cyber security, we provide comprehensive cyber services to our clients, so they can feel confident that their data is protected and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

With Segment your Supply Chain data is safe. All documents and digital data transferred from your systems to your vendors and business partners are being encrypted, monitored, and safely documented by us. Instead of using email, letters, or fax to send purchase orders, receive shipment notices, invoices and such, all data transformation goes through a protected route in our systems.

Segment is certified for the highest Information security standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001/27799 and conduct penetration tests regularly. We are trusted by customers such as the Ministry of Defense, Elbit Systems, Maccabi Healthcare Services, and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, etc.

We also ensure our systems are regularly kept up-to-date with the latest security updates at the highest security level required. We maintain and document a complete audit trail for all transactions and will immediately notify our customers of any cyber event. The documentation is done on all the application layers (OSI).



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