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For fifteen years Segment Information Technologies has been providing innovative custom tailored business solutions for B2B supply chain management systems to successful retailers around the world


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Segment Vendor?

Segment's innovative software has proven over 15 years to optimize B2B supply chain management by streamlining communication between retailers, vendors and suppliers. The comprehensive and customizable system combines a proprietary Supplier Portal with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and advanced business intelligence reports to  significantly enhance sales, improve efficiency and reduce inaccuracies.


What it does for you

It employs Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI), allowing suppliers to manage goods and enabling retailers to better meet market demand. The enhanced collaboration increases turnover and decreases safety stock and carrying costs, ultimately reducing inventory by 20% on average.

> Real time access and synchronization of all product data

> Seamless document transmission (EDI embedded)

> Performance analysis of branches, products & vendors

> Triggers for replenishment orders to reduce stock-outs

> Financial reconciliation and flexible exception reporting


Why Segment Vendor?

Segment's superior software and personal service deliver each client a bespoke solution for individual needs. With only 30-day onboarding, Segment Vendor provides 24 hour access to all operations via secure, cloud technology that is free from free from licensing obligations.




What is Segment Count?

The world's most advanced system integrating Irisys infrared technology to measure consumer trends in visiting shopping centers, stores, stadiums and buildings. With 98% accuracy, it specifically counts the foot traffic in and out of your facility in real time. The innovative system analyzes the movement of visitors and recognizes  patterns, enabling subscribers to align their business practices to increase customer inflow and maximize profits.


How it provides the competitive advantage

It tracks the direction in which customers are traveling, calculates shopping duration time and identifies facility "hot" and "cold" zones. With this traffic intelligence one will more effectively manage facilities and improve strategic and tactical decisions.


> Maximize profits by capitalizing on operational efficiencies

> Analyze consumer traffic flow

> Identify areas customers tend to congregate or avoid

> Evaluate effectiveness of advertising and promotions

> Determine optimal staff planning


Why Segment Count?

For nearly a decade, leading managers around the world have been choosing Segment's product for its accuracy, visual appeal, scalability, durability and easy-to-use report generator.


Who we are

Established in 1999, Segment Information Technologies provides innovative, custom tailored software products and business solutions to successful retailers around the world. Since its inception, Segment has continuously evolved and advanced to assist companies in optimizing management of their supply chain, their customers and their daily operations to maximize profits. Offering a selection of proprietary web-based software systems and integrative applications, Segment provides the necessary tools,  personalized for the managers of tomorrow to cater to consumers today.


Segment specializes in three innovative cloud-based systems providing a B2B supply chain platform with insightful business intelligence, a consumer traffic counting system and a secure digital signature system. Each product  is personally tailored to meet individual client needs, catering to domestic and international customers by providing 24 hour access and direct personal business support.


Managing over $2 billion in goods annually with over 3,000 trading partners, Segment delivers exceptional bespoke products and superior global support across the major industries and sectors of retail, healthcare, communication, transportation education, manufacturing and consumer goods.

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District 1, Bucharest, Romania

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Prisma ITS S.A.

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Meet the Team

Stav Shacham


Iris Shacham

Director of

Client Relations

Hava Lapidot


Michelle Spivak

Director of

Business Development

Michael "Miki"  Shacham

VP of Outsourcing

Chen Shacham


Or Bar

VP Marketing & Sales

Or Barak

Director of

International Operations



What is Segment Sign?

The newest internationally approved software for signing official documents legally and safely over the internet. More than just an electronic signature, this digital signature solution provides a secure e-sign cloud service for contracts, affidavits, invoices and other documents for both business and private use at virtually no cost.


Electronic vs. Digital – A world of difference

Electronic signatures are not legally binding, vulnerable to forgery and often require proprietary validation software. A digital signature is an advanced electronic signature that provides the highest level of security and is universally accepted. Digital signatures use Public Key Infrastructure  (PKI) technology and cryptography to ensure the security of digital certificates. Segment Sign is also built to incorporate PKI Smart-cards to authenticate identity where the PKI provider guarantees the signer’s identity, data integrity and the non-repudiation of signed documents.


> Go paperless, cut costs & expedite business processes

> Travel freely & no longer rely on power of attorney


Why Segment Sign?

At the cutting edge of technology, Segment's solution is the easiest and greenest way to sign, helping companies and individuals economize daily  business activity and archiving documents for 7 years at no additional charge.