Supplier’s Cloud VLN

Supplier’s Cloud VLN

VLN, Segment's Suppliers Portal, is a secure, cloud based trade platform, updated on-line in real-time and accessible 24/7, anytime anywhere. Segment's digital messaging system was developed over more than a decade by the company's development and integration team, and is individually adapted to all procurement systems available in the market. The portal is currently active in dozens of retail and commercial organizations, serves thousands of users (management, finance, procurement and marketing professionals, suppliers, retailers and service providers) and facilitates the management of a full, effective and secure electronic commerce process, while accumulating data essential for the organization and its performance.
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Flexibility, Simplicity, Speed

The Suppliers Portal - VLN platform, offers a flexible structure that enables each and every entity to easily connect and interface with all the software systems used in the organization. Your needs have changed? No problem. You can always add modules, reports and interfaces for additional organizational systems and view all the information easily and quickly via one platform.

Clear Accurate Efficient Communication

All messages communicated to and from the procurement entity are electronic, automated and immediate, so that the need to wait for a hard-copy, purchase stamps, wait on-line and watch out for misunderstanding is made redundant. All information is verified through verification testing and the result is indicated in the portal in real-time, rendering communication clear, accurate and efficient.

Data Protection

Segment acts according to the strictest data protection standards, secured server separation, permission management, personal identification, encrypted communication and frequent penetration testing, regular recovery plans and minimum availability of 99%.

Supported Modules

Items Catalogue

Enables suppliers and procurement entities to view existing items, create new ones, match catalogues and "talk in one language" that includes a personal identification number for each item respective of the ERP systems.

Purchase Orders and Order Acknowledgement

Enables the display of goods/ service purchase-order related data, order status update, and the generation of user-specific notifications (e.g. email/sms) when needed, automated order transmission among active ERP systems.

Shipping Bills, Confirmation of Reception Certificates, and Verifications

Enables the transmission of Shipping Bills from the portal to the ERP systems, against each Purchase Order. Subsequently, these orders can be turned into entry certificates, constituting a basis for automatic invoice validation. Verification tests enable cross-checking goods actually received to actual invoices.

Goods and Service Delivery / Receipt Status

Facilitates the presentation of goods and services reception data through messaging from the ERP system to the portal; including immediate indication of the delivery status, possible changes in the order schedule, cancelation, recalls, viewing the order's content and more.

Digital Invoice and Attachments

Enables direct transmission of invoices from the ERP system, uploading PDF files or manual data entry as per supplier's choice. After an invoice is uploaded a verification test is performed and receipt and read acknowledgment are granted. Additional documents, (attachments) kept in the archive according to instructions of the procurement entity, may be attached to the invoice and transmitted alongside it.

Verification Testing, Digital Signatures, eNoflow (automated approval process) and Archiving

All invoices undergo verification testing in accordance with the bookkeeping regulations and definitions of the purchasing entities, including approval cycle. In case of discrepancy between the recorded invoice and the entry certificate, such as in the reference number etc., an immediate indication for correction is issued to the supplier. In addition, a certified digital underwriting can be added, and at the end of the process invoices are properly saved in the portal archive and are available for extraction at any time, as required by law.

Bookkeeping Ledger

This module enables the concentrated display of payment data and facilitates simple and convenient monitoring of payments.

Queries, Reports and Query Tools

The Suppliers Portal enables a rich graphic display, viewing a wide range of data and information about quantities and schedule of delivery, monitoring sales data, framework agreements and more. The system has a customized database search engine, an extensive query bar and an option to save reports by user name.

Data Protection, Permission Levels and Customizing Modules according to Requirements

Segment takes care to uphold strictest Data Protection procedures, in compliance with the highest level of standards. The system is constructed in a way that enables the addition and removal of components as required, as well as the adaptation of employee accessibility respective of organizational needs. The Suppliers Portal supports a one-time password system for each user, who can view only the modules that are relevant to him\her.

Unique Customized Solutions

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