SAP Business One

SAP Business One

Segment Information Technology is the formal partner of Global SAP. Together they provide a complete efficient and most convenient solution for comprehensive business management for small to medium businesses. Managers and workers as one can connect to a single system, process information conveniently and effectively and obtain an up-to-date, accurate present-situation picture of essential business data. The system promises improved efficiency, business growth, empowerment of the organization and its employees, increased profitability and ongoing supervision as well as cost saving, taking advantage of opportunities at the right time and better anticipation of challenges.

Supported Modules

Custom Work Center for each user

Structured Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Advanced Report and Analysis Tools

Complete Order Process management

Complete Purchase process management

Real Time Accounting and Financial Statements

Management, Surveillance, Monitoring and Control of company services

Inventory Control

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Data Integration and Synchronization with Microsoft Office

Control, Supervision and Smart Business Decision Making

Embedded BI – running pre-defined reports or creating custom reports

Applicable for mobile devices as well

IT Architecture Management

Customization and User Defined Configuration

Unique Customized Solutions

We will be glad to assist you in developing and creating customized solutions to suit the needs of your organization!