MESI – Manufacturing Execution System

MESI – Manufacturing Execution System

All-in-one MES solution providing extensive capabilities for managing production via an innovative, simple-to-use interface.
With the MESI platform you can monitor and manage all factory and communication processes efficiently and cost-effectively, in real-time and from any location. The platform is based on the manufacturing execution system (MES) developed for Elbit Systems, and has been deployed for a number of years in Elbit factories in Israel and around the world.
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Best price

Suitable for small and large factories, can be used from the cloud or by installation in the factory.

Effective production & machine connection

Saving time and costs together, which maximize plant output and significantly reduce operational risks and paper use.

MESI is a Technology Partner of Priority ERP

Quick and easy system-connection for enterprises that use Priority ERP.

Built with the most innovative technology

Fast implementation capabilities, innovative UX / UX, high interface capabilities, full customization, ability to generate permissions and certifications for each employee individually.

Production workers at the center

The innovative interface allows production workers to work smoothly according to their role. Manage all communications in the factory in one place by sending messages and alerts within the system.

Years of experience in Elbit factories

MESI is based on the MES developed and tested in various factories of Elbit Systems worldwide.

Variety of modules

Manage and plan

Managers can view the manufacturing process, plan tasks, allocate resources, prioritize actions and generate custom reports.

Data collection and reporting

Get real-time information from across the production lines, machines, and manufacturing processes.

Parameter control

Classifies MRB and reasons for rejection directly on the production line. Runs diagnostics and assessments for the required documentation. Data is retained for future analysis.

Control processes

Operational and management reports with an accessible, attractively-designed, user-friendly landing page displaying all reports and resource statuses.

Hierarchy and work centers

Provides a different screen for each function while aggregating the data.

Authorizations management

Grant authorizations to single users to perform specific tasks, define authorizations by user type for information disclosure, task performance, and reporting capabilities.

Quick connection to external systems

Easily connection to external systems of all types (such as ERP)

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