E-invoicing and Digital Signature

E-invoicing and Digital Signature

A simple, legal and secure modern way for optimizing businesses and shortening payment time. Invoices are sent by suppliers and received electronically in the ERP systems of the procurement entity, without prolonged tedious handling of paperwork! Optimized processes and great time, resource and energy saving – that do not require installing special software!

Up to 80% savings in manual processes costs

Quick receipt of payment

Saving time and energy

Improved order and reduced human error

Optimal cash-flow Management and Control

Maintaining a green working environment

Supported Modules

Manual Data updating option

Data transmission by uploading a PDF file to the portal and manual data entry. The invoice undergoes a battery of validation tests in accordance with the Income Tax Rules (Bookkeeping) Act and if found correct – is signed digitally and sent to the ERP system of the procurement entity.

Semi-automatic Data Updating option

A unique virtual-printer based development by Segment that enables sending an invoice and a data file directly from the supplier's invoicing system to the procurement entity – B2B, not requiring any additional development and dependency on software manufacturers.

Fully-automatic Data Updating option

Full automation through direct connection to the supplier's ERP system, eliminating the need for typing or uploading additional data. Upon its issuance the invoice is tested for verification, digitally signed and sent for processing in the system of the procurement entity.

Cash-flow Management and Control

Invoice undergoes Validation testing in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act

Digital Signing and secured delivery

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