B2B Systems for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

B2B Systems for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Segment operates advanced B2B systems, interfaces and secured safe services that enable automatic electronic delivery and receipt of business documents directly from the procurement and accounting departments of customers and suppliers. Segment's Electronic Data Interchange has been under development for more than a decade by the development and integration team and is individually customized to suite all purchase systems available in the market; including full support of the two most common standards in the world – X-12 and EDIFACT, which enable doing business with any customer, anywhere in the world.

Secured Safe services

Segment operates safe services, enabling the transfer of data through interfaces secured according to some of the strictest international standards.

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual Integration

Data interchange is enabled in a fully electronic way that includes receiving data from a single organizational system, and transferring it to another. Manual loading or entry.

Supporting all formats

The data interchange services are compatible with the international standards customary in the market, including X.12, EDI EDIFACT, network data summary 'file 100', XML and so on.

Supported Modules


Shipping Bills


Network Data Summary 'File 100'

Item creation

Accessibility through both the ERP system and the portal

Adaptation to all formats and purchase systems in the market

The ability to work vis-a-vis all customary protocols

Electronic data interchange support in compliance with international standards X.12 and EDIFACT

The option for manual or semi-automatic data updating or a fully automatic interface for direct data interchange among ERP systems

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Unique Customized Solutions

We will be glad to assist you in developing and creating customized solutions to suit the needs of your organization!