Crowd Movement Monitoring System

Crowd Movement Monitoring System

For more than a decade now, managers and organizations throughout the world choose to use Segment's advanced Crowd Counting System, regarded as one of the world's most advanced crowd counting systems. Segment's system is installed in dozens of malls, shopping centers, stadiums and gymnasiums throughout Europe, Hong Kong, Russia and Israel.

Simple, easy to operate and use system

Highly reliable even in extreme weather conditions

High precision of approximately 98%

Uses thermal sensors for Motion Measurement

Option for data collection for consumer trend analysis and effective safety planning

Cloud based system that does not require user-end installation

Supported Modules

Generation of People Movement reports by hours, days and months

Comparing People Movement patterns and conducting a long-term Tendency Survey

Evaluation and analysis of consumers' movement at all times, including simultaneous identification of direction and speed.

Assessment of the success of advertising campaigns and effective sales promotion planning

Analysis of peak hours, in order to determine the number of employees, shift change times, maintenance jobs' performance times, etc.

Estimated shopping time and "hot" and "cold" areas within the complex

Managing the flow of people entering and exiting the complex

Effective safety planning of emergency evacuation routes

Data based improvement of marketing and strategic decisions

Synchronization versus cashier data in order to extract information regarding sales per visitor (Conversion) ratio

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