Segment’s Advantages

Segment’s Advantages

  • Custom-Tailored Solutions

Segment advocates simplicity and acts according to clear, defined criteria that provide maximum quality in the development of solutions customized to suit customer individual needs. Segment-made Software Systems are tailored to customers’ measures and needs, in a modular way based on building and changing processes (Business Process Management). A communication system (Enterprise Service Bus) enables the formation of customer customized communication processes, removal of components and activities, both on the portal level and on the user level.

  • Professional End-to-End Solution

Segment made professionalism its motto and advocates the implementation of an extensive organizational envelope to addresses all project stages – development, integration and ongoing support. All company activities are carried out within a single, accessible multilingual work environment. The company’s diverse development department has vast experience in adapting solutions to the changing organizational needs. The integration department, working alongside it, is experienced in adapting and transferring electronic data among the various corporate systems, directly and automatically to the ERP systems. The suppliers’ portal is constructed in an intuitive easy to use way.  The support department is glad to assist and support users in Israel and throughout the world on a current and fully available basis, including after providing the initial orientation.

  • Stability and Experience

Segment is a privately owned company characterized by high economic strength according to D&B’s global index. Segment’s B2B portal was established in 2002, and considered one of the veteran portals in the international market, servicing thousands of satisfied customers on a daily basis. Segment specializes in support, development, implementation and assimilation of critical core systems in large organizations in the Israeli market such as the Ministry of Defense and Maccabi Health Services, as well as in world class organizations such as IKEA, Gottex and many others.

  • User Guidance and Customer Service

Segment operates a support and service center – Help Desk – for the thousands of clients and users of the suppliers’ portal. The center comprises a qualitative, professional team, graduates of the industrial engineering and management program, who daily assist different calls and provide the very best user experience to thousands of system users. Initial comprehensive response and complete availability to the customer audience:

– Call Center
– Electronic Chat
– Personal Mail
– Remote Access
– Professional Guidance

  • Strict Data Protection

Segment invests many efforts and resources in development, improvement and current maintenance of its Data Protection systems. The company was evaluated and approved as complying with criteria and standards required to qualify as a supplier of core systems to the Israeli defense system, and with regulatory security regulations of the Bank of Israel.

  • Automation Processes

In order to optimize data interchange services between organizations and their suppliers, our advanced system includes automatic data interchange processes and data verification mechanisms. These serve to reduce manual data entry and verification testing and cut down the investment of resources.

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