Resident’s Warehouse

Resident’s Warehouse

Welcome to Resident’s Warehouse platform!

As a Resident’s warehouse , you must have heard the term EDI.

Segment is Resident’s EDI platform provider, and we are here to help you with all the information you need for communicating with Resident in EDI standard.


So, what is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the automated, computer-to-computer exchange of standard electronic documents (such as invoices, purchase orders, etc.) between business partners over a secure, standardized connection.

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How does EDI process work for me?

  1. Resident will send a Purchase Order to Segment’s EDI platform.
  2. Segment’s EDI platform will translate the PO into an EDI-format X12 based.
  3. You (Resident’s Warehouse) will receive the X12-850 via this source methods: SSH, FTP, SFTP, AS2.
  4. When you receive the PO, you will send back the PO confirmation with an X12-977 file to Segment.
  5. Segment will translate the EDI-formatted confirmation and send it to Resident.
  6. Once the goods are packed and ready to ship, you (Resident’s Warehouse Supplier) will send an X12-856 with Shipping Certificate to Segment’s EDI System, which will translate and sent it directly to Resident ERP system.
  7. Segment will send you the confirmation for receiving the Shipping Certificate by sending you back an X12-997 file.

Click here to find specification and information about X12 format

We support all types of EDI files in case you would like to enhance your communication with Resident.

If you need an EDI service provider, contact us and we will be happy to offer our services.

Which required fields do I have to fill, in order to send X12 files to Resident?

For your convenience, we made a manual that can help you fill the required fields, sorted by type of message you want to send.

How does the X12 files look like?

846 Inventory inquiry/advice

850 Purchase order

855 Purchase order acknowledgment

856 Ship notice/manifest

860 Purchase order change request – buyer initiated

For additional EDI services

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