With about 15 years of knowhow and expertise, we know that our most important and most valued asset is – People.

Meet the face of Segment

Stav Shacham

CEO and owner

BA in Business Administration and Accounting, Certified Public Accountant with more than 20 years of activity and experience in counseling companies and corporations, development of information systems and leading complex wide-ranging projects. Established Segment Information Technologies in August 1999, together with his brother Chen Shacham. Currently, Stav is leading the company's global business activity vision.

On a personal note:
A professional swimmer in his past and an active Triathlon participant, Stav, nonetheless, devotes his competitive spirit and his love of sports and community mainly to "Hapoel Kefar Sava" the Premier League soccer club owned by him since 2013.

Chen Shacham

Chief Technology Officer, Owner

BA in Computer Sciences and Master of Business Administration, with 20 years of experience in the area of Information Systems, Software Development and Process Analysis. One of Segment Information Technologies' founders in charge of all technological issues in the company. Chen leads customer-focused development, manages planning, design and development of company products and manages all company Information Systems.

On a personal note:
Married to Rona + 3. Lives in Ramat Hasharon.
Hobbies: "Just like everybody, Triathlon"

Iris Shacham

Chief Operations Officer

MBA and BA in Accounting, Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in customer management in Technological, Pharmaceutical and Financial fields, both in Israel and abroad. Iris's achievements at Segment assure that the needs of the thousands of system users will be provided with a qualitative reply and personal attention.

On a Personal Note:
In addition to being an exemplary mom, managing a 4-children Operations Room, Iris is also a licensed Skipper and a member of a sailing club.

Or Barak


BA in Business Administration and Accounting, with over a decade of experience in large-scale enterprise software development, leading complex wide-ranging projects and process analysis. Or's track record in management and hands-on software development spans both large-scale projects within global corporate environments as well as nimble startup environments.

On a personal note:
Married to Ortal + 2. Lives in Modiin.
Hobbies: Fly in a powered parachute

Miki Shacham

Chief Project Planning and Management Officer

BA in Economics and Political Science and Master degree in Economics. Miki brings along more than 40 years of experience in Information Systems and engineering project management. For more than a decade now he has been leading Segment's outsourcing activity, by providing advanced technical solutions for customers and projects with special requirements.

On a Personal Note:
he proud grandfather of 6 grandchildren, addicted to traveling the world, a sports buff who never misses a soccer game of "Hapo'el Kefar Sava".

Hava Lapidot

Finance Manager

Vered Klempner

Director of Sales

Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences and M. Sc. in Management with specialization in Organizational Science. Joined Segment in 2003. Currently deals with sales management and marketing of all types of Segment products, and therefore is familiar with the technical and operational aspects of the various company systems. Takes care of hundreds of customers, deals with the advancement of projects and works opposite key figures in chain stores and retail companies, and works in harmony and cooperation with the people around her.

On a Personal Note:

Gets up every morning with a smile on her face, spends free hours at the gym, and loves cooking new recipes for her family. Energetic, restless and addicted to extreme activities such as freefalling, rope parks and rollercoasters.

Yael Glazer

Sales Manager Germany

Original "Münchner Kindl" , Munich child, with BA in pharmacy and chemistry. Yael has 12 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales force and project management for various international pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, Yael has now arrived in the digital world of Cyber Security and global digitalization and e-Commerce.
A personal note:
Loves Sea. Sun. Surfing.Traveling.

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