For the past three years IKEA operates with an innovative system which gathers and manages information, a system that has been developed and adapted especially according to the needs of IKEA network in Israel in regards to import and supply of products. Those vital activities are based on a system developed by Segment, such as Vendor Link, infrastructure for delivering messages (EDI) used for the information processing through multiple actions: creation and presentation of reports, as well as screens and forms used by the various modules, such as containers placement, work schedule for unloading, secondary goals, follow-up items, cost control and issuing irregulars reports. The system enables us to create and keep track after the Standards Institute’s various tasks, summons representatives for an official testing and even to issue official messages.

This system is currently accessed over 80 workers in IKEA network and can produce more than 40! Different reports that allows us to hold full control regarding merchandise supply, deadlines and processes implementation. Since the beginning of 2016 the system issued over 64,000 different reports! Response times, flexibility and the actual results of the system I just described, which was developed especially for us, alongside the friendships created along the way- established a business relationship of respect in several layers for many years ahead.

Eithan Reuven, VP Logistics and Purchasing

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