EDI – X12 Standards

EDI – X12 Standards

what is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the automated, computer-to-computer exchange of standard electronic documents (such as invoices, purchase orders, etc.) between business partners over a secure, standardized connection.

What is X12?

X12 is a common standard used in the USA for EDI documents.

How does it work?

Segments’ platform converts your XML (or any other document) into an X12 document in order to help you to communicate with your business partner.

Also, the platform can translate X12 document for you, so you can get a clear picture of your business partners’ request / demand.

Segment’s EDI platform provides all aspects of the EDI process, connecting all your back-end systems, ERP, accounting, marketing, and more – directly to the supply chain of your business partner.

Partial messages list of the X12 data exchange standards we support:

810 Invoice

846 Inventory inquiry/advice

850 Purchase order

855 Purchase order acknowledgment

856 Ship notice/manifest

860 Purchase order change request – buyer initiated

997 Functional acknowledgment




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