Community Responsibility

Community Responsibility

Segment contributes to the community

Mahatma Gandhi said that “we must be the change that we want to see in the world”. This perception has led Segment for many years, both businesswise and respective of the corporate-social responsibility, and constitutes an integral part of Segment’s managerial approach. Our company sees great importance in social involvement and in contributing to the community, both as an organization and as individuals. We have a sense of personal and environmental responsibility that motivates us to support and empower the company and the community in which we act, create and live. When we have an opportunity to be on the giving side, we at Segment do not hesitate.

The Kefar Sava Soccer Club

On June 2013, Mr. Stav Shacham acquired the Hapoel Kefar Sava Soccer Club. As a resident of the city, he sought not only the ownership of a professional soccer team but also an opportunity to take part in a city project with a great value to the community. The soccer team became an integral part of the city life, and has been involved for many years in a variety of volunteering activities in various institutions in the city, such as schools, associations for the disabled, hospitals and the elderly and more. While the professional team scaled up two leagues in the course of two years and joined Israel’s Premier League, the soccer club had also completed the creation of youth departments and schools counting more than 1,200 children. Since 2016 a women and girls’ department is also active in the club, in a one-of-a-kind project in Israel. Due to this commendable activity the Hapoel Kefar Sava Club was awarded the 2016 Community Shield bestowed by Israeli president, Mr. Reuven Rivlin.

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