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Africa-Israel Shopping Center

Africa-Israel Shopping Center

Afi Cotroceni shopping center located in Bucharest, Romania is the largest shopping mall in Eastern Europe; we have a monthly average of 1.8 million visitors, about sixty thousand per day – a huge amount by any measure. That’s why we had to install a system for counting people that can give us an accurate point of view regarding how many customers are entering and exiting each one of the many gates we have at the mall, since the system was installed by Segment we use it effectively and it gives us an accurate real time data, according to our specific requirements.

Segment’s design team, led by the professional expert- Or Barak, fulfilled our every need with great precision, patience and without falling into small mishaps along the way regarding costs. Or arrived to Romania as many times as we needed him to be there.

All we asked for was completely fulfilled with great kindness, understanding, in a professional manner and without any demand for monetary compensation from Segment. The fruits of hard work paid off and the developed system will also successfully be implemented in the second mall of our company located in Floiist city, north of Bucharest. These days we are in the midst of opening our third shopping center in Romania, and of course I’ll highly recommend we continue and install there Segment’s counting system.

Shmoul Shay, technical director of the Africa Israel Malls in Romania

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