Segment offered a quick response when we needed to test our prices and conduct an inventory check; Segment’s new system saved us a lot of time and money by significantly reducing the need to use our own workers to complete tasks, shorten the work process and made information available online as up-to-date as possible. The project had a tight intensive schedule and Segment’s innovative system fulfilled all of our demands and needs accurately, precisely and with great sense of order.

It’s conducted with the most professional attitude. The results ended up saving us a lot of time and effort by reducing the need for human activities – allowing us to access computers, conduct tests, etc. and made the information available online with the highest level of innovation. Everything is now online – promotions, prices, inventories, diversification and so on.

Using Segment’s system significantly shortened our processes; if we used to do things manually behind the scenes we can now interact directly with our supplier and that’s a massive upgrade for us. The level of service we can now offer our clients is far more progressed; we can now supply our customers with a quick response regarding a certain product’s current inventory availability when requiring what’s in stock and what’s not, what are the terms of sale, etc. All the information is now centered into the same smart system.

We had an extremely intensive schedule for this project and our requirements were high. Everything was done to our complete satisfaction, Segment’s system and team works with an organized, professional and accurate manner. To sum up – the project was short, efficient and just what we needed!


Avishay Tzocker, computerized systems manager

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