About Segment

About Segment

A story of People, Vision and Success

In the year 1999, CPAs Stav Shacham and Hen Shacham, veterans of military Unit 8200, came up with the idea of developing an E-commerce business community. What began as a simple idea grew over the years and became a diverse and successful company with dozens of employees providing service to thousands of customers, dozens of business communities, worldwide activity, and thousands of active users communicating over a million messages a day. The entire professional team – from the founders, through the management staff, the partners and down to the last employee – is composed of people who live and breathe Segment’s vision to turn the Information Technology world more accessible, more efficient and wiser.

Professionalism, creativity, technological innovation and challenging and satisfying action – are the things that turn collaboration with Segment into a fascinating, joyful technological journey.

Exceptional Collaborations with leading companies and organizations

From the day of its establishment, Segment’s managers and owners have advocated the development and maintenance of a diverse network of business relations, alongside the achievement of a strong status among leading companies and organizations in industries that interface with its field. Thus, for example, a unique and exclusive collaboration was created with global SAP, to provide the world leading ERP system to SMB customers. Segment’s extensive collaborations with large, substantial companies, alongside the integration of tools and in-company technological development, enable the company to provide a comprehensive holistic solution according to their customers’ needs, and turn Segment into a spearhead, leading company in the area of Information Technology, supplying software-based technology suitable for industry, retail, and commerce.

Customized Technological-Business Solutions

The company is founded on the belief that knowledge, efficiency and innovation are the growth engines that will help it achieve its vision. Segment’s stated goal is to provide customized innovative software products and effective business solutions to retailers, business corporations; acquisition, supply and distribution entities throughout the world; in evidence of which, all the company’s products are the result of its own exclusive development. In order to realize this goal, the company worked to create an Ecosystem that combines all relevant services and products and offers an end-to-end professional solution:

Supplier and Customer portals

Cloud based B2B systems for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Digital Invoices and Electronic Signature

Implementation, assimilation and development of SAP Business One

Crowd Movement tools

Software and Outsourcing projects

Catalog Project

Unique customized solutions based on customer needs

Each product is custom-made to meet customer needs (local and international) and is backed by unlimited 24/7 access from any location, as well as direct personal support for businesses.

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